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A good house plan helps the owner, designer, builder, and subcontractor to enjoy the building process, but ultimately the owner benefits the most.

When your house plan is obtained without much time and money spent, it generally creates many delays, changes, construction cost overruns, and ultimately you the owner will have the most difficult time in the process.

We hope the following information will help you in choosing your home building plan provider.

Possible Fee Advantages Disadvantages
Builder Minimum Ready to start building Limited building plans and lack of home design experience
Architect Up to 10% of of construction cost Creativity Takes the most time and money. Unnecessary for simple designs.
Stock plan Co. $400 + Ready-to-order Modifications/customization takes adittional time and money.
CK Homes
Custom and Stock Plans
$350 + Familiar with local design and ready-to-order Custom plans take a little more time.